1. thrilledbytease:

    This is the kind of ‘late stage edging’ that REALLY messes with your mind! One hand clutching at the base of your cock like a VERY tight cockring while the other hand keeps stroking, but only ONE finger torments your swollen, throbbing head while she keeps taunting you to cum, cum for her, spurt, give it all up, all the while KNOWING she is preventing you from doing EXACTLY THAT!!!!!

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  2. myhappyhusband:

    Good boy… don’t get any harder or I swear I will lock you back in your cock cage for another month… do you understand…???

    It is so amazing that you understand this intensely erotic combination: that control should go both ways - demand that he stay rock hard for you versus demand that he not get any harder for you.  Your word must control his cock, or he will suffer the consequences for its lack of proficiency and obedience. 

    I have the idea of being tied to a chair and being “forced” to watch a video that She knows I will love.  If at any time, my cock raises up from laying on the chair between my legs (and is no longer touching the chair), I will be punished with a significant length of time in a tight chastity cage (which essentially replicates the position my cock should be in when told to stay touching the chair).  I will be tested on my attention and retention of what I see on the video, so I must watch carefully.  But, my cock is hers and I must learn to control it for her. 

    On the reverse side, she gives me a video that she knows I won’t like, but tells me that if my cock ever comes into contact with the chair between my legs, I will be locked into a different chastity device…  

    (I’m not quite sure what the appropriate “punishment” to fit that crime would be, however… hmmmmm).  Any suggestions?

  3. heavyblueballs:

    "…Thats it, just ride him slowly and feel his desperation and when he squirms, moans or otherwise sounds or feels like he is about to cum, you just stand up and give him a rest. Don’t worry about him, he will love you all the same…."

    Or more…. 

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  4. myhappyhusband:

    Sorry honey but I’m not going to lick you anymore… I’m just going to lock him back in his steel cage instead…

    It’s that “verge” that kills you.  I imagine this with my hands cuffed behind my back.  She has been building up in my head how much she has missed sucking on my cock, and how one day soon she will just really need to unlock me and suck good and hard my me.  Then, when I am finally released, she looks up at me with eyes that can split me in two, sticks out her tongue, gives me one brief little lick and then….. 

    "Sorry honey but I’m not going to lick you anymore… I’m just going to lock him back in his steel cage instead…" 

  5. heavyblueballs:

    ”.. I know what you want and maybe you will get it later, but for now, we do it like this, do you understand? - He was nodding and whimpering in agreement, that didn’t sooth the aching in his balls or the tense feeling in hs cock that felt like it was about to explode any moment….”

    It’s that eager look in her eyes that makes me “throb” far deeper than just my cock.  She knows she is using her beauty as his torment. 

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  6. mistresssylvia:

                                       FOUR DAYS LATER
    So you have been through a lot the past couple of days. You tongue is getting very skilled in worshiping my feet, and soon I’ll train you how to worship my pussy. You are becoming more obedient, and I’m finding that I don’t have to punish you as much.
    Oh please, no more punishment, I’ll be more obedient.
    As a man you need to be punished everyday. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s to remind you, that Women are superiour, and your place is to totally submit to them.
    Why do men have to serve Women.
    Because men are controlled by one think and one thing only.
    What’s that?
    That little thing you have between your legs.
    You mean my penis.
    Yes, how does it feel when I play with it with my hand?. I bet you don’t want me to stop and will do anything I ask as long as I continue to play with it.
    Oh yes, please don’t stop.
    You see what I mean. That’s why Women have to control a man cock. From now on your little cock no longer belongs to you. It is mine. I own it and I can do anything to it that I please.
    No please, don’t take my cock away.
    What was that for.
    -slap- -slap- -slap-
    The first one was for not properly referring to who’s cock it is. The next three was for questioning what I do to you.
    I’m sorry, I will try to behave better.
    Good girl, I see you are starting to learn. And from now on you will refer to me as Mistress.

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  7. And what is the point of being controlled if it will only be within your own realm of desire? 

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  8. This is a beautiful Mistress who gets the need to keep the tactile quality of “need” present at all times.  This understanding creates the greatest ache and suffering, which is clearly what She feeds on. 

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  9. Elegance makes it all so much more erotic!

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  10. I absolutely respect the mind that comes up with these sorts of games and the mind capable of new and devious methods of torture and torment. 

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