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  2. teasebyhand:

    Determined to drive me right to that edge…and leave me there.

    The pure focus of knowing just what she wants and how to get it:  she wants to see that moment when pleasure becomes suffering, and she knows how to make it linger for what seems like an eternity. 

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  3. OMG.  Reading this caused my entire body to shudder.  I think it is the fact that she is so definite about it and so completely comfortable in her absolute control of me - and that it clearly is as it should be.

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  4. Yes Miss.  I will handle the pain and frustration of everything you give me, just for the incredible, peaceful expression on your beautiful face.

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  5. myhappyhusband:

    You didn’t expect to actually put it in my mouth did you…??? Oh you silly boy…

    This makes me shudder so bad!! 

  6. I LOVE her playful enjoyment of her absolute control and his absolute frustrated need. 

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  7. teased-pleased:

    I know you are about to explode, but cumming is just not an option for you right now. Sorry baby.

    Never an option.  Mmmm

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  8. If you have felt what it is like to be that close, with someone so cruelly good at that level of control, this GIF is insanely erotic.  It makes me shudder so hard. 

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  9. I love the intimacy of this, and the fact that he is clearly restrained.  So, her lovely, petite body controls his strong masculine one so simply and deftly. 

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  10. mistress-mary:

    Having my boy all locked away and under my power is an exhilarating experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been more sexually excited in my life. Laying in bed with him and feeling the hard metal against my skin and hearing him beg for an orgasm makes me feel so powerful and so close to him at the same time. Holding his pleasure in my hands turns me on to no end. 

    I love to know how much my captivity can please Her.  Thank you, Mistress Mary, for expressing that about your relationship, it makes everything so much more erotic (and worthwhile).