1. You cashed in all your points for your two months of chastity, that gives you two inches of fucking for two minutes.  But, I did throw in your favorite shoes to make it that much hotter for you.  Of course, now you go back to into your cage and back to zero and have to rebuild your credit.  Maybe you’ll wait a little longer before you beg to fuck me next time.  Though, I think i am getting better and better at teasing and tormenting you into begging to fuck me, aren’t I? 

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  2. myhappyhusband:

    I know you would just love to have me put your hard, horny dick in my mouth honey but you can forget it… That is a very rare treat and you don’t deserve it so far this month… and you definitely don’t deserve to cum either..

    Looking at this, in my head I hear:

    "But you will handle all the strokes I want to give you.  I love it when I start to see the pleasure of being touched and stroked slowly turn to the pain and realization that your cock will not throb or spurt but merely ache and ache and swell and yearn.  I can see the shift in your eyes, and that makes me turned on in ways  a vanilla sex life never could.  So.  Dear.  We are never going back."

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  3. onlyshecums:

    I like my boys hard and horny, so if you’re going to go out with me, you need to understand my first rule is boys don’t cum.

    I can imagine this being a normal occurrence at parties among Her friends, each bringing their boy to torment.  In this case, I love the focus on her face, like someone throwing a pot on a wheel - looking for just the right set-up and result. 

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  4. masturbatrixmethodologies:

    The ‘slide and slap’ technique ensures good blood flow to the penis whilst restricting the urge to reach orgasm…great for extended edging and denial..

    As the “science” of denial grows and expands, so too does the experience of our frustration and torment.  I see Mistresses working in their own labs, through peer review and consultation, all toward the greater development of the “science” enhancing their lives.

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  5. I love the idea that she is almost stealing the waves of pleasure that she is creating through his cock: she gets such a rush from the power and control she has over his cock, and the feelings she knows she - and only she - creates inside of him.  All of which boil to the surface in that wonderful gasp she has.  That gasp is the essence of my search in D/s, to find that lovely Mistress who gasps through use of my sexual energy (and frustration).

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  6. femdomgames:

    The timer is ticking as your oiled hands rythmically stroke his rock hard cock. He knows he will have to make it to the buzzer goes off without edging if he should have a chance of an orgasm this week. He only wish he knew how many minutes you set the timer to.

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  7. Once a month Mistress plays a little game:  she tries out some new and interesting ideas she has picked up on the blogs for how to make her man’s cock swell and ache the most;  she will keep going until he begs her to cum or to stop because he is going to cum.  If he makes it more than 30 minutes, she will take his blindfold off and do a strip tease and fuck him nice and slowly (until she cums - but clearly he doesn’t).  If he can’t make it 30 minutes, she leaves the blindfold on, gives him a full body lap dance while getting herself off with a vibrator (all while touching, sitting, and leaning on him).  Then, back in the cage - either way. 

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  8. thrilledbytease:

    This is the kind of ‘late stage edging’ that REALLY messes with your mind! One hand clutching at the base of your cock like a VERY tight cockring while the other hand keeps stroking, but only ONE finger torments your swollen, throbbing head while she keeps taunting you to cum, cum for her, spurt, give it all up, all the while KNOWING she is preventing you from doing EXACTLY THAT!!!!!

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  9. myhappyhusband:

    Good boy… don’t get any harder or I swear I will lock you back in your cock cage for another month… do you understand…???

    It is so amazing that you understand this intensely erotic combination: that control should go both ways - demand that he stay rock hard for you versus demand that he not get any harder for you.  Your word must control his cock, or he will suffer the consequences for its lack of proficiency and obedience. 

    I have the idea of being tied to a chair and being “forced” to watch a video that She knows I will love.  If at any time, my cock raises up from laying on the chair between my legs (and is no longer touching the chair), I will be punished with a significant length of time in a tight chastity cage (which essentially replicates the position my cock should be in when told to stay touching the chair).  I will be tested on my attention and retention of what I see on the video, so I must watch carefully.  But, my cock is hers and I must learn to control it for her. 

    On the reverse side, she gives me a video that she knows I won’t like, but tells me that if my cock ever comes into contact with the chair between my legs, I will be locked into a different chastity device…  

    (I’m not quite sure what the appropriate “punishment” to fit that crime would be, however… hmmmmm).  Any suggestions?

  10. heavyblueballs:

    "…Thats it, just ride him slowly and feel his desperation and when he squirms, moans or otherwise sounds or feels like he is about to cum, you just stand up and give him a rest. Don’t worry about him, he will love you all the same…."

    Or more…. 

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