1. The idea that D/s has a bit of this punishing anger element in conjunction with my being helpless to this strong, petite, beauty is incredible.  The fact that she can get me hard just to punish me with being hard is beyond erotic. 

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  2. Oh god. She is so amazingly naturally sexy. The idea of being bound, caged near her while she is having sex with someone else is beyond erotic. 

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  5. No Miss.  It’s that…  I can’t believe how much more turned on I am than I have ever been before;  my frustration hurts almost as much as the idea of ever losing you. 

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  6. myhappyhusband:

    Just a few more licks and then it’s back in the cage you go…

    Then, the great reduction game:  she loops the securing ring around the base of his cock and balls, and then places the cage lightly on the head of his cock; as he slowly - ever so slowly deflates she pushes the cage down, down, down…  the emotional impact along with fervent attempts to stay hard and out of the cage are intense turning to devastating and the sound of the click of the lock. 

  7. onlyshecums:

    I can tell by the bulge in your pants what you’re hoping for, but seriously… tell me this body doesn’t deserve exclusive rights to cum.

  9. The physical control and her obvious strength is unbelievable erotic - as is the fact that she has him HARD at all times (as he clearly should be).

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  10. This level of intimacy, along with the deep understanding that she is absolutely in control.  I would do anything and accept anything she desired to make her happy. 

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