1. teasedenial102:

    Like what you see and feel honey? Well better enjoy cause you’ll only get three more thrusts…

    The true “beauty” of denial and fully orgasms control.

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  2. robinwilde:


    As you look at this photo, can you even IMAGINE the kind of pleasure torture I am going to inflict on this man? Maybe on YOU, if you are VERY lucky? See how hard my nipples are? That’s ENTIRELY from thinking about how he’s going to be squirming and writhing in the next few minutes, and how I’m going to keep him in that zone for an hour. STILL wish it was you?

    The fact that my brain keeps yelling, Yes, Yes, Yes, is probably a good indicator of what sort of treatment…  works. 

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  3. teasehim:

    "Yea, feel my soft hand… feel it  - but dont cum. You dont have the permission." 

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  4. Anonymous said: When do you got your last orgasm?

    Yesterday!  Though, prior to that it had been at least 20 days.  I was briefly under the control of a “Mistress,” but we didn’t have any real chemistry (read: I wasn’t attracted to her to the degree necessary for this sort of thing to work; I felt bad about it for a while, until I just couldn’t continue).   I’m not presently controlled, which leaves such choices - improperly - up to me. 

    Thank you for your  question.  May I inquire as to the basis for your interest?  ;)


  5. Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

    Love them!  ;)  Ask away.  I like to communicate and discuss.

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  6. kickflip-over-karma said: Have you ever posted a nude selfie?


    Never ever

    I don’t understand what the issue is with “nude.”  For heaven’s sake, you have a multitude of incredibly erotic, gorgeous shots of that insane body wearing just a tiny pair of panties.  Hell, I’d love to see you in cute skirt and heels, or business suit.  I love the idea of seeing you as you might go out for the day - shorts and tennis shoes.

    Thank you for all the shots you have put up.  Incredible.  Just incredible. 

  7. When she “knows” this about me, and my desires are turned against me…..  the most erotic feeling in the world.  Harsh but delicious.

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  8. It is very important to realize (and be reminded) that there are various degrees of a “ruined” orgasm:  defined by the amount of cum/pre-cum which is allowed to leak out. 

    They range from one-drop ruined orgasm to a full throb (but no follow through) ruined orgasm.  I’m sure she is very well versed in all! 

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  9. OMG.  I can practically feel the torture of that technique.  This is the fear/beauty of a woman who really knows what she is doing and loves it. 

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  10. This is a dangerous situation - a hard, straining erection and free hands.  I’m sure it is only mitigated by the fact that she has developed and trusts her complete control over him - helped significantly by how wonderfully sexy she is.  Of course, the eye contact control (that expression) is a forced of restraint all itself!

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