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  2. thrilledbytease:

    "You’re RIGHT! This mixture of slow and quick pumps DOES keep him really hard and squirming!!!! Oh, honey!!! aren’t you SO glad we signed up the adult edge-u-cation class?"

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    Today’s exercise: Penis pushups. He gets a kiss every time he raises his cock up to meet your lips.

    More games

    I love the mix of training and torture. 

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  4. robinwilde:


    As you look at this photo, can you even IMAGINE the kind of pleasure torture I am going to inflict on this man? Maybe on YOU, if you are VERY lucky? See how hard my nipples are? That’s ENTIRELY from thinking about how he’s going to be squirming and writhing in the next few minutes, and how I’m going to keep him in that zone for an hour. STILL wish it was you?

    The fact that my brain keeps yelling, Yes, Yes, Yes, is probably a good indicator of what sort of treatment…  works. 

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  5. teasehim:

    "Yea, feel my soft hand… feel it  - but dont cum. You dont have the permission." 

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  6. When she “knows” this about me, and my desires are turned against me…..  the most erotic feeling in the world.  Harsh but delicious.

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  7. It is very important to realize (and be reminded) that there are various degrees of a “ruined” orgasm:  defined by the amount of cum/pre-cum which is allowed to leak out. 

    They range from one-drop ruined orgasm to a full throb (but no follow through) ruined orgasm.  I’m sure she is very well versed in all! 

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  8. OMG.  I can practically feel the torture of that technique.  This is the fear/beauty of a woman who really knows what she is doing and loves it. 

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  9. This is a dangerous situation - a hard, straining erection and free hands.  I’m sure it is only mitigated by the fact that she has developed and trusts her complete control over him - helped significantly by how wonderfully sexy she is.  Of course, the eye contact control (that expression) is a forced of restraint all itself!

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  10. myhappyhusband:

    Oh honey I know how horny you are and how much you would love to have me put your big, hard cock in my nice warm, wet mouth but you aren’t scheduled to make a mess until next week and you didn’t finish polishing all my shoes last night the way you were supposed to so I think I’m going to lock you back up in your spiked cock cage for a few days to teach you a little lesson and add an additional week to your lock up time.  Now don’t mope or I’ll add two weeks

    Oddly, each time he is released there is some reason why she won’t consider putting his cock in her mouth.  In fact, it’s been three release dates since she even touched the head of his cock.  The last time she even started adding a little mental fuck: in order for her not to double his chastity time, she required him to beg her to lock him up; and not just lock him up - he had to beg her not to allow him to be big and hard, and then the real kicker, he had to beg her not to stroke him.  If he didn’t do each of these things within five minutes of being released, whatever chastity time she decided for him thereafter would be doubled.  “Please honey, Please lock me back up.  My cock should not be hard and erect.  It should be cooped up in my happy tight little cage.  Please don’t stroke my cock and make it throb and feel good.  Please.  Please force my tight plastic prison back down on my cock so it will worship and respect you the way I do.”

    The impact of his new “rule” was that he never truly got to enjoy being unlocked, as he was almost immediately having to beg to be relocked.  The desperate sound of his begging made her so happy.  And that was really the point!

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